• We will reach out to discuss details and approximate start date
  • When choosing a shingle color for your new roof, we recommend finding other homes with a color to your liking
    • Send us the address and we will review the color and discuss the options

Our Process


  • An owner will directly oversee the installation process and give a final lookover 
  • All materials are installed to manufacturers specifications or greater
  • We maximize attic ventilation through a ridge vent system
  • We install the highest quality materials available to ensure longevity
Removal & Dry-in
  • We start by laying tarps around the perimeter of the home, including driveway, to catch roofing debris
  • The existing roof is removed to the bare decking and loaded into our dump trailer (Trailer is never left at the job site overnight)
  • We re-nail the deck to current code
  • The underlayment is then installed, making the roof water-tight (During construction, we never leave the job without it being water-tight)